News Flash VOZ 1.6 is Now Available.

Your VFR Adventures in Australia will spark now,
more quality scenery, New Lighting, Coastal and Water textures the list goes on.

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These files and Plans are required for Our Saturday Sessions.
If the links are inactive or return a 404 Error then this means the files aren't available yet

At VB Nav Challenge we are committed to the advancement of online
Flight Sim flying in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.
Our Aim is to promote accurate flying procedures through education,
examples and fun activities like short hops from field to field.
With circuit training and navigational challenges in sometimes less than favorable weather conditions and you have a level of realism worth something.
Our ftp server is now running, but bandwidth is a bit limited just at present
Drop by our new Teamspeak Server and have a chat you'll be made most welcome.
Flight Instruction will be available on request, please email the CFI.
For this you will need FS NET

At VB NAV Challenge we are actively in favour of everyone using the fantastic Australian Scenery package from  

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Try this fantastic Downloading Application Flash Get

And the VOZ1.2 Official Trailer

VOZ LIFE video
Previous User's Click HERE for VOZ099 Removal directions. Services

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The New VOZ AI Pack

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